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History is the study of humanity’s past. All that humankind has written, thought, done, or created is of interest to the historian. The study of history is a liberating endeavor because it enables individuals to appreciate others and to understand themselves in the context of mankind’s collective experiences.


Students who complete an emphasis in history at Snow College will be expected to demonstrate that they

  • know the historical developments of the nations, cultures, societies, and eras they have studied;
  • know the political, economic, and legal systems of societies they have studied;
  • know the religions, value systems, class structures, and philosophies of societies they have
  • know the contributions of leading historical figures to their respective societies;
  • know the aesthetic and artistic achievements of diverse cultures;
  • know the role which ideologies play in history;
  • can interpret and explain historical documents;
  • can employ the tools of historical scholarship in historical research and writing; 
  • can interpret current events by the application of historical knowledge and understanding to contemporary developments; 
  • can think critically and analytically about historical developments and events, cause and effect relationships, and the meaning and significance of historical events; 
  • appreciate the way historical understanding broadens intellectual horizons; 
  • appreciate the way diversity enriches the human experience; 
  • appreciate the way historical knowledge can foster a more empathetic understanding of the challenges and tribulations which have confronted mankind; 
  • appreciate the way an awareness of past racial, ethnic, or religious struggles should foster a reluctance to judge and impose one’s own values on others; 
  • appreciate the way the legacy of freedom and personal liberty bequeathed to us by our fore bears is a privilege to e cherished, nurtured, and preserved.


Historical understanding is basic to the life of an educated person. The ability to see the present in relationship to the past is an essential preparation for almost any career. Specifically, however, students who major in history find it an ideal preparation for entrance into professions such as law, government service, or teaching.

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